Simone DeSousa’s abstract paintings emerge from the artist’s ongoing interest in the investigations of the nature of reality, combining different references such as ancient yoga and modern science’s study of the phenomenon of consciousness. In deliberate visual juxtapositions that oscillate between minimal gestures and intricate compositions, the works point to the inseparability of the seemingly opposite alternating stages of emptiness and manifestation. The bases of the works, integral to the compositions themselves, defy the limitations of the edge and expose the base material itself, suggesting relationships both inward and outward-moving. Examining the interplays amongst shapes, colors, lines, and textures, superposed and intersecting, one moment at a time, DeSousa’s paintings suggests different spatial environments that are both directly human and transcendent.

Brazilian born artist and curator Simone DeSousa received a Bachelor’s degree in Architecture and Urbanism from the University of Brasilia, Brazil. In her professional life, she has also bridged the fields of art and design, working as a designer and art director. DeSousa was part of a multidisciplinary art and design collective occupying 4,000 sq ft at the Russell Industrial Center, in Detroit, where she held her painting studio practice between 1999 and 2009. She has exhibited extensively in the Detroit area and nationally. Her work is part of several private and corporate collections, including the University of Michigan, Compuware, BonSecours Hospital, Precision Capital, and Luciano Benetton Collection. She is the founder and director of Simone DeSousa Gallery and EDITION, a gallery and art project in Cass Corridor, Midtown Detroit, since 2008.

Read a recent interview with Simone for SLICE, June 2016. Download interview PDF.